Shah Peerally Law Review by Richard (EB2-NIW Candidate)

I was on a 12-month OPT after graduating with my masters degree in petroleum engineering. I landed a job with a State agency as a safety engineer with the goal of getting a 24-month STEM extension so I could have more time to figure out the next steps. Fast-forward to 11 months into my employment, I was told the State agency does not participate in E-verify, a critical component in getting the 24-mo extension. At this point, I was beyond panicking because my EAD was expiring in the next 60 days with no…Read More Breaking News

Work Visa USA

Lately many have been asking their options to work in the United States. This video covers the main visas available to come to the United States and work. However, it is in no way a comprehensive explanation of all the visas that is available to emigrate to the USA. Please feel free to share.Read More Breaking News

The National Interest Waiver – A door inside the USA from Africa!

Do you at times feel like a big fish in a small pond? Do you get the feeling that you should be doing something more important with your life because you have the ability to do so? Do you feel that the possibilities are limited in your present environment and long for a someday where your contribution will be valued? The danger of being the big fish in a small pond is to become complacent and stop looking ahead or become bitter and stop making efforts to improve and keep growing and eventually…Read More Breaking News

Filing your EB permanent residence while you are abroad

Mar 22, 2016 — Many who are tired of waiting want to know if either they can file their permanent residence (EB category) while in India or can they wait in India while the I-140 is being processed? This video explains the possibilities of such a plan. We also have another video for F1 students to move directly to a permanent residence (greencard) please watch it here: Both of the above follow the same concept of future employment. Make sure you have a lawyer who understands the concept of future employment before applying.Read More Breaking News


In addition to primary care physicians, medical specialists who agree to practice in any area designated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as having a shortage of health care professionals may be eligible for the physician national interest waiver under section 203(b)(2)(B)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This decision, reached by the Administrative Appeals Office of USCIS, and adopted agency wide by USCIS on March 9, 2016, establishes new guidelines for who is eligible for the physician national interest waiver. “Visas shall be made available . . . to qualified…Read More Breaking News