October 2018 Visa Bulletin sees a jump on EB1, EB2 and EB3 for India

Finally the October 2018 Visa Bulletin is out and we are seeing a good leap on EB1, EB2 and EB3 for India. Indian nationals with EB1 moving to June 2016, EB2 to March 2009 and EB3 surprisingly to January 2009. This move is welcomed although not enough. But for those who are qualified under each of those categories, who would be eligible to file for adjustment of status, please do so. Feel free to call 510 7425887.   A.  FINAL ACTION DATES FOR EMPLOYMENT-BASED PREFERENCE CASES On the chart below, the listing of a date…Read More Breaking News

Visa Bulletin September 2018 – India EB2 retrogresses to Jan 1 2007 and EB3 Jan 1 2003

Following another bad news for Visa Bulletin September 2018 for India retrogressing to Jan 1 2007 EB2 and EB Jan 1 2003. This means we are now 11 years behind for EB2 India and 15 years behind on EB3. The waiting time seems to be endless. But remember the dates might come back to a reasonable date anytime soon. A.  FINAL ACTION DATES FOR EMPLOYMENT-BASED PREFERENCE CASES On the chart below, the listing of a date for any class indicates that the class is oversubscribed (see paragraph 1); "C" means current, i.e., numbers are authorized…Read More Breaking News

June 2017 Visa Bulletin – Retrogression on EB1 for India

Newark CA May 10 2017 - To our surprise, it seems that EB1 for India is retrogressed to January 2012 for Chart A (processing dates) on the Visa Bulletin June 2017. Fortunately, the acceptance date on Chart B is still current implying that EB1 categories will still be able to file for adjustment of status if they wish to do so. As for the EB2 and EB3 India, there are no great movements although we are glad it has not retrogressed. See full Visa Bulletin June 2017 here. June 2017 Visa BulletinRead More Breaking News

Immigrants’ Know Your Rights Law Show

December 2 2016 - Many have been asking what might happen to immigration once Donald Trump takes power. There were a lot of proposed immigration changes which have not been formalized. However, based on certain groups analysis and the Trump's chosen Cabinet, we can come to our own conclusions. Note at this point we can only guess what might happen until we see some actual new regulations or immigration laws passed. This law show covers not only the issues but also what immigrants should do to prepare for eventual changes in immigration law.…Read More Breaking News

August 2016 Visa Bulletin is out and bad news for every EB categories!

The August 2016 Visa Bulletin is probably one of the biggest horror stories in years, not only we are not seeing a movement for India, we are seeing retrogression on EB1 for China and India. There is a retrogression on EB2 for all countries of the world . They have also added El-Salvador and Honduras which is also retrogressed. We will prepare our prediction for September 2016 in the coming weeks and unfortunately, it seems we are not going to see good things happening. Let us wait and see!Read More Breaking News

August 2016 Visa Bulletin Predictions!

June 13 2016 - We have made a prediction for August 2016 on the Visa Bulletin. Unfortunately things do not look good for India and China. We might unfortunately be seeing even another retrogression for both India and China. Having said that, you never know with the Visa Bulletin, we might actually see a better situation. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates. Let us hope for the best, please sign our petition below - to reduce the time on EB2 for India and China.Read More Breaking News

Visa at the US Consular in India highly backlogged.

Just like the Visa Bulletin for India, the waiting time at the US consulate for India is totally backlogged. This what AILA posted today. U.S. Consular Posts in India are currently experiencing extraordinary wait times for nonimmigrant visa (NIV) interview appointments. At the time of this writing, the current wait times for all NIV categories other than B, F, and J are: Chennai - 75 days Hyderabad - 93 days Kolkata - 96 days Mumbai - 88 days New Delhi - 100 days In discussing this issue with the Visa Office, the AILA…Read More Breaking News

July 2016 Visa Bulletin is out and no good news for India and China

As expected the July 2016 Visa Bulletin for India and China has not improved from June 2016. At this point it seems only a miracle would help. We are going to analyze further on a few hours on our youtube channel. Please see the chart for processing time for F category and EB categories: Family Processing Family- Sponsored  All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA-mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES  F1 22MAR09 22MAR09 22MAR09 08MAR95 01FEB05 F2A 15NOV14 15NOV14 15NOV14 01SEP14 15NOV14 F2B 08DEC09 08DEC09 08DEC09 08SEP95 01JUL05 F3 01DEC04 01DEC04 01DEC04 22OCT94 01MAR94…Read More Breaking News

Open Letter to President Obama on Visa Bulletin Retrogression for India and China

June 2, 2016 The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500 Mr. President: I am writing in regards to severe, debilitating delays in employment based immigration wait times for Indian and Chinese nationals seeking to enter the United States or change status from non-immigrant employment visas to employment based immigration visas in primarily the second and third categories. The State Department’s June 2016 Visa Bulletin indicates a 4-year retrogression for India. In May 2016, India was 8 years behind being current, i.e., authorized…Read More Breaking News

Lawsuit to Challenge Government on October 2015 Visa Bulletin Fails

May 16 2016 - The lawsuit challenging the Visa Bulletin of October 2015 has actually been dismissed with prejudice. This decision of the court, unfortunately closes the chapter in the 'fiasco' of the October 2015 where the government was supposed to allow EB2 India up to July 2011 to file for adjustment of status or consular processing. As such the hopes of thousands of EB Indian applicants are now lost with the decision of Judge Martinez. This is what the court wrote in conclusion: ...The Court finds that the parties have thoroughly presented the…Read More Breaking News