One thing for sure is that Donald Trump is a typical “boss”.  One of those whose conscience is only limited to money and business. While he was admirable for the show of the Apprentice, he showed his true xenophobic colors by branding all Mexicans as “criminals”.  The part which is baffling is that although many networks have distanced themselves from the ‘stupidity’ of Donald Trump, his points in the polls have risen. This is a significant indication of the feelings of many Americans towards Mexicans, and Latinos but mainly against immigration.

The need to find an escape goat to blame in this ‘new world’ order has now opened the doors for people like Donald Trump, presidential candidate, to openly criticize an entire race.  It is true that the United States has some immigration issues, however none of the issues mentioned justify branding an entire nation or race as “criminals.”

History will now tell which side America will be siding on.  If Donald Trump makes it even to be in the primary, it will be a big loss for the American fabric of freedom of religion and race discrimination.  We hope that the people will actually see the truth and act accordingly during the upcoming elections.