Answer the questions below and check the answers to  assess the possibility of being eligible for a US visa or other benefits. Note that this is just a preliminary evaluation. You should not rely on the results to act or refrain to act on your case. You might also be eligible for more than one benefits. Please go over all the eligibilty benefits.  However actually recommend a full consultation to assess your eligibilty(ies).

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* Are you victim of a Crime and are you collaborating with the authorities in finding the perpetrators?

Yes or No.

If the answer is YES – then check you might qualify for a U Visa provided the crime falls within the crime indicated by the U visa chart.

Note that some victims of certain crimes cannot really assess if the crimes they were victim of do qualify for this visa. This is why we recommend to talk to an experienced immigration lawyer to assess the possibilities. You can reach us at (510) 742 5887, should you have any questions on the matter.