"On Dec. 29, 05, my wife and I were interviewed. They awarded my wife oath and citizenship then and there, but they told me that they had not received my FBI background check clearance then, therefore suggested me to wait.

I have been living in the US for over 21 years now, I guess at FBI my file was red-flagged for manual process, that means at the bottom of huge pile–easily 5-6 years wait period. After 6 months, I called a couple of attorneys to get advice; they suggested I could not do anything but wait. I contacted local congressman for assistance.

After 12 months, I wrote a letter to the director FBI; his office did not even bother replying. I kept calling USCIS periodically, but got the same answer, "We cannot process your case until we get clearance from the FBI, it is a law." I guess I had no choice but wait. Almost 18 moths passed by, one night in mid August 2007, I discussed my matter with Shah Peerally in a close family friends dinner invited by a common friend. Shah told me that he already had successfully won 7 cases through the court; so he advised me to file a law suit.

Late August 07, I submitted papers and hired his law office as my attorney. Early Sept. 07, Peerally Law Office my file was transferred from San Francisco to Sacramento court, because I live in that jurisdiction. Oct 17, USCIS decided to adjudicate, hence the case was withdrawn. Within 50 days, my case got adjudicated, and I attended oath ceremony on Nov. 27, 2007 — almost after 2 years of my interview. His office corresponded the USCIS via email and stood atop, and kept me informed. I am glad that I filed a law suit with Peerally, otherwise I might had to wait 3-5 more years."


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