To whom it may concern:
1994, my new Thai wife Kangana and my step daughter May and I were thrilled! We had just been married in Thailand and were very happy. I had steady employment as well as Khan. In 1996 this all changed suddenly. The collapse of the Asian economy had come. No work for me but to teach English to students for $5.00 a day and Khan lost her job as well.

No problem I explained to my new family! You are now married to an AMERICAN! We can move to the states any time we want to. I’ll go to the embassy tomorrow!

I did and was I in for a shock. I found out I was nothing but a second class citizen for marrying a foreigner. It took us 6 years, thousands of dollars, letters and phone calls to the governor of my state and my wife and me being treated like a traitor and a terrorist to get just a vacation visa.

After we finally got to the states I realized I needed help to cut through the lies, red tape and misinformation the immigration department willfully extends to immigrant family’s trying the legal waters for themselves. I was fortunate enough to see Shah Peerally’s ad on the internet. I called the phone number and to my surprise Shah himself answered.

After about a 20 minute chat of our circumstances, Shah assured me he could help our family and that is just what happened. After meeting with Shah and his team they took care of EVERYTHING including keeping us on track and on time with court appearances, depositions, paperwork and just everything! Shah’s team, coupled with his experience in immigration is what you need if you are on the right side of the law and want the best to represent you and your family.

I can think of no better recommendation than Shah Peerally and firm for help in immigration or other legal areas. Shah takes every case personally as well as professionally. Their actions secured my family’s documentation, entry and road to American citizenship and ultimately our ability to move on and live our lives as normal human beings. Very sincerely 

David B. Oliver

Industrial engineer and American citizen

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