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Peer Endorsements of Shah Peerally, Esq.


At the institution, I started working (Aug 2014), the lawyer told me that I would need to wait a few years to qualify for EB1. I contacted Shah in Dec 2015 and after I gathered the required documents for EB1 (outstanding professor and researcher). We did premium processing and submitted our application in May 2015 and after two weeks, we were approved. I had to wait for my spouse to be in the US to start the green card process. We submitted all the docs in January 2016 and in April 2016, we had our green cards in our hands. Our case was well presented and Shah and his staff prepared my case very well. I recommend him anytime.

Theodore Araujo , Syracuse (NY)

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Shah had some excellent insights in his work on the interaction of Bankruptcy and Immigration. His answers led me to write him so I could dig deeper into his analysis on an issue I had not considered in ten years of doing bankruptcies. His professionalism. courtesy and knowledge bode well for any clients that might consider him in the future. I will certianly refer clients to his firm.

Andrew Younkins , Oakland (CA)

Shah is an able, quick-minded and thorough attorney. He understands the complicated array of U.S. immigration laws better than any other attorney I have ever met, and uses this knowledge to benefit the people in the SF-Bay Area community. In a world of dishonesty, Shah’s firm stands out as a shining example of commitment to helping others.

Philip Minter , Santa Rosa (CA)

I have worked with Shah on several different types of cases. He has always been prompt and diligent in responding to telephone calls and providing information. I have had occasions to ask him questions about immigration and have received responses that were concise and knowledgable, even including case citations, without him doing any research. This shows me that he knows his stuff.

Lidia Sykisz , Elmhurst (NY)

Shah Peerally is an excellent lawyer: competent, committed and very innovative. He will represent you diligently and look for the best (sometimes almost impossible solution). I have worked with him on several matters and have received a lot of help when I needed it.

Peter Stone , Sacramento (CA).

I have known him for a couple of years and he is extremely knowledgeable on Immigration matters and communicates exceptionally well.

Yasha Heidari , Atlanta (GA)

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Shah has a commanding knowledge of immigration law, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a zealous immigration attorney.

Michael Locks , Rancho Cordova (CA)

All clients I have referred to Mr. Perrally praise the work he has done for them. I will continue to refer individual that are in need of his legal services

Ruby Powers , Houston (TX)

Mr. Peerally is very knowledgeable about immigration law and emerging issues. He has a strong dedication to his work and fighting for results for his clients. I endorse this lawyer’s work.

Stanley Lockhart , Alameda (CA)

Shah will fight for you. He knows the ins and outs of the system. If there is a way, Shah will find it. He lets no obstacle stand in the way of fair and aggressive representation of his client. You want Shah Peerally on your team.

Kristy Hernandez , Orangevale (CA)

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Peerally is extremely knowledgeable about immigration law. I have referred many clients to him. He if friendly and easy to work with, and clients see results quickly when he is retained. I also believe his prices are reasonable.

Peer Endorsements of Shah, Esq.

Philip Minter , Santa Rosa (CA)

I have worked with Shah on an immigration matter. He was completely prepared. I have also, recently, seen his response to an emergency situation where he turned out a critical multiple page brief within hours ( a half day) of when the matter came up. He knows what he is doing and what the law is. You bet I endorse his work.

Andrew Younkins , Oakland (CA)

Shah is highly skilled in business immigration, family-based immigration and asylum law. His ability to communicate with clients, work diligently, write concisely and achieve results is striking. He manages a legal team dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for clients in a speedy manner. I would recommend him to other lawyers and to clients, and I fully endorse this lawyer’s work.

Lidia Sykisz , Elmhurst (NY)

Shah is a very competent and diligent lawyer. I especially value his assistance on my H-1B cases. He clarified my confusions and the advice given given by Shah was always coupled with thorough research and detailed explanation as to all the issues. I would definitely recommend this lawyer to anybody with legal problem, and immigration one in particular.

Indu Liladhar-Hathi , San Jose (CA)

I know Shah as a fellow member of The American Immigration Lawyers Association. During my interactions with Shah, I have noted that he is very dedicated to his clients and works diligently on their cases. I would not hesitate to endorse his work.

Ruby Powers , Houston (TX)

Attorney Shah has impressive knowledge of immigration law. I endorse this lawyer’s work, and recommend that anyone looking for an immigration attorney in Newark, CA to seek his counsel.

Norma Lorenzo , Miami Lakes (FL)

Attorney Abdullah has a controlling knowledge of the subject matter. I endorse this lawyer’s work.

McLean (VA)

After seeing first-hand Mr. Shah’s knowledge of immigration law and the compassionate way he responds to potential clients’ concerns, as a fellow immigration law practitioner I would recommend his counsel.

Sam Shihab , Columbus (OH)

Attorney Shah is an honest, dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer. His clients are fortunate to have him. I endorse him without hesitation.

*Important: The testimonials or endorsements on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Each case is different and success in one case does not warrant or guarantee success in other similar cases or situations.

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Difficult I-140 Petition

I’m so excited after hearing the news that my I-140 got approved last week and my destination towards acquiring the green card is getting nearer and nearer.This was only possible because of the wonderful staffs working in Shah peerally Law group. I often talk to a lady named Medya Aghaansari. She is so dedicated with her work and I’m so happy and appreciate all her efforts. She has been very patient with me, answered all my questions, and guided me through the application process. I’ll definitely recommend Shah Peerally Law Group, who ever want to follow the immigration process.


H1B Approved for Startup

I had the pleasure of meeting the professionals at the Peerally Law group in 2010. I explained to Shah how my situation was extremely delicate, not to mention short on time. I had recently graduated from a top University and saw my chances of maintaining my legal status growing dim in the job market. I felt like I had fallen through the cracks of Immigration law to be cast aside and forgotten. I was worried about starting my career in my home country of Panama where earning prospects are slim, but I found a great job just in the nick of time and the Peerally Law group helped me gain my work visa. Shah and Company mobilized a quick plan of action for me and even at the difficult and critical moments in the process, SP Law was there, on top of the situation always knowing what to do next. They understood the hardships of my case, namely, that the company which was looking to hire me was less than a year old. This presented some challenges for the case but they never hesitated to lend a hand. I am forever grateful for their hard work and expertise. In just a half year, my life turned around and now I’m doing better than I ever imagined. I am so happy to join the United States work force and help this great country get back on the right track producing goods and being competitive from a manufacturing standpoint. Peerally Law really saved me and took great care in handling my case so i want to send a big THANK YOU to them all!

-Derek Urrutia

Business Visitor Visa Extension

Shah has been a shiny day after a storm of catastrophic lawyers that I had been recommended by friends. I found his firm through a forum link recommending his firm for EB-2 NIW and outstanding Avvo ratings. I was not disappointed. My situation is I entered the US on a B-1 and the (confused) CBP granted only 30 days vs 6 months requested, and a “No Extension of Status” bonus on my I-94. I initially approached Shah to consider a delicate change of status to EB-2 NIW. He responded in a very timely fashion and after meeting, rightfully evaluated that it was not a possible path. But Shah later outlined that he could do an extension of status in spite of the “No EOS” mark on my I-94. He guided me through filling the case diligently, and took great care in the file and did not let aside any details, to the contrary of other lawyers I have dealt with in the past. Against odds and the opinion of my previous lawyer, the extension was approved. I have only two words: Thank You

-Tarik A.

PERM Labor Certification and I-140

My name is David from Indonesia, using shah because recommendation from my previous lawyer, i am very pleased with his knowledge and ability to take care my situation (H1b with extension the 6th year thru green card with PERM process)

Even though i only have bachelor degree and i knew im on hard situation, but got my approval within 2 yrs with 1 month LC processed AMAZING WORK SHAH! Note from our office: This case had a major problem with ability to pay. We were able to successfully use the personal assets of the owner of the business to overcome the issue.


H-1B for High Tech Worker

Shah, I just wanted to let you know that I got my H1B visa from the US Embassy in my country. They also stated that because you did such a good job with the filing process, I was able to get it the very next day. Thanks for doing an excellent job. Note from our office: This H1B petition required more work than usual, since we had to combine experience with an Associates degree, along with supporting evidence of relevant expertise to establish that the candidate had the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree.

-Douglas H.

Small Business

Shah Peerally is an excellent Lawyer with a great team. He not only helped in my personal immigration needs, but also helps my business Globus Micro inc. “who provides IT network and telecoms services” keeping us on right side of the law. Globus Micro team highly recommends his services to everyone.


Work Visa for Montessori School Teacher

I contacted Shah to obtain an H1B visa to work as a Montessori teacher in the US. Working with Shah has been a real pleasure. He found out all the necessary details and requirements and made it easy for me and my employer to file my application. Once filed – he kept my employer and me informed about the status of my application and was very reachable and approachable. Shah was able to answer my questions in a simple and straightforward manner. I strongly recommend Shah without any reservations!

-Saira L.

Long-term support in various employment based immigration matters

  • Shah has been my immigration lawyer since last 2-2.5 years. Cases he handled were:
  • a) H-1 transfer from a hoax/corrupt body shopping company to other great company for which I am working since 2.5 years now.
  • b) Application of Green Card – LCA and I-140. In future he will be also taking care of my 485 application.
  • c)Temporary transfer to H-4 status from H-1.
  • d)Back to H-1 transfer from H-4.

The issues he resolved might seem simple,but they were very complicated considering number of factors especially timeline and legal issues. He believes in following legal means which are in accordance with USCIS which is a great plus! He works deligently, responsibly and in timely fashion. He keeps himself well updated about the rules,regulations and changes at USCIS. He has great communication skills and made sure to convey clearly all the possible things that could go wrong and could go right with my immigration issues. I would say he guided me well in making decisions. He is reliable and trustworrthy. I strongly recommend Shah for your immagration issues!!

-Shilpa T.

Concurrent H-1B

I have dealt with many lawyers before and none has impressed me like Shah. I am one of those I.T. geeks who has a full-time H1B visa from one company and needed a part-time visa in order to work for a different company. The first lawyer I contacted was very unhelpful. The legal profession is not my domain and it is always very helpful if you have someone who can guide you through the legal maze. The first lawyer was totally uncooperative and outright condescending. I vividly remember picking up a phone book and looking for an immigration attorney and that is how I found Mr. Abdullah. Yes, it was a lot of work – the paperwork needed was immense but finally it all paid off. Thank you Shah!

-Stanley O.

Work Visa

I would highly recommend Shah. He is hardworking, dedicated, responsive, soft-spoken and very cordial to deal with. I have always believed that one has to work with his/her counsel/advisor to get a desired outcome and that’s worked for me once again. I retained Shah and his firm to get my H1 transfer. Now that sounds a basic case but mine was not. I was moving to a smaller company and wanted a part-time H1. I also had to make the case very strong right from the beginning. Shah came across as very knowledgeable and easy to deal with (lawyers can be difficult to work with some times). Shah asked for right documentation and checked everything to make sure we put the best step forward. He is good at listening to ideas and taking the ball and running with it. In summary, Shah will help you with your case. Work with him and listen to his advice and you will benefit.


Part-time Work Visa

I wanted to transfer my H1 to a small company plus I wanted a part time H1, which made my situation and case bit more complicated especially in context of economic circumstances. My lawyer listened to my situation patiently, I was satisfied that he had concern for me. Since my case was complicated so I needed a seasoned lawyer who not only was a knowledgeable and seasoned professional but at the same time someone who had concern for me. While working with my lawyer Shah, I found that he listened to me patiently and was my well wisher, it was not only about money, it was about my life. The way my lawyer analyzed facts for me, guided me and helped me out of way was amazing. I suggest anybody who is looking for H1 lawyer to work with Shah no matter how complicated your case is, believe me you are in best hands out there in market. He worked very professionally but at the same time he had human approach to deal with my complicated case. He was honest and gave me time, whenever I felt anxious and called him, he talked to me, I got more than perfect service and I am very thankful.

-Vivek K.

H-1B/AP-EAD/Adjustment of Status

After a case denial and spending thousand of dollars, I decided to look for a new lawyer in summer of 2006. That’s when I met Shah Peerally. After my first meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a lawyer with his caliber and down- to-earth personality. Something he said left a forever lasting impression in my mind – “hey, I was not born here. I went through the same process that you are going through. I understand the anxiety and pain that comes with it. I consider my customers my family.Once I take your case, there is nothing important for to take you to last milestone – APPROVAL.” As happy as I was to hear this words, I was skeptical because of my past experience with lawyers. Anyways, we decided to give him a shot for our H1B renewal first before we hire him for green card application. Oh boy, wasn’t I glad to have hired him as we had our approval in 18 days. The part I loved was that the way Shah & team made sure I was updated every step. Digital copies of my application, email notifications and email responses within a few hours. I am technical savvy and this was a huge deal for me. No more calling some lawyer office and getting rude responses from the other side. Shah even took time out of his busy schedule to answer my emails personally. Since then , we have worked with Shah for our various Advance parole, EAD and H1B renewals while we got in the queue for green card. It was like hiring your own personal lawyer. Well fast forward 4 years, we have our I485 approval. As soon as our priority dates became current, he followed up with USCIS right away. (I believe this guy is a magician. He followed up with USCIS on Friday and I woke up Monday morning with I485 approval notice in email). He didn’t have to do this but this represent how dedicated he is to his client’s interest. I sincerely thank Shah,Shah and their team for representing us. I feel fortunate to have found Shah. The process would not have been so worry-free and smooth, had it not been for Shah Peerally. Thanks again Shah, Shah and their team.

-Vishal A.

PERM Labor Certification

“I am very thankful to the staff at Law Offices of Shah Peerally, especially Shah Peerally. From beginning to end, they were very prompt, co-operative, and very thorough in documents. I have used their services for Labor Certification for PERM process. The entire process went really quick. I was surprised to get approval for Labor certification in Three days of application submission.” Good luck. Shah Take care

-Sukh Brar

Work Visa and Adjustment of Status

I got transferred my case from another lawyer in the middle of proceedings. Shah Peerally Law Group first handled my complex RFEs in my H1B case and then they processed my I-485 petition. Through their professional work I got approved my H1B and then soon after I-485. I can rate them nothing but excellent in every respect. When they say that they want to help the people, they literally mean it.


PERM Labor Certification/I-140

I have engaged Shah’s law firm to represent me for employment based permanent residency. So far I am extremely happy with the professional commitment shown by Shah in dealing with my case. I had a quick approval of my PERM. He was very helpful and proficient in dealing with my I140 RFE. Unlike many other immigration lawyers, I found Shah as a honest, knowledgeable and committed law attorney. Best part is that, in spite of all the qualities Shah has, he is very affordable. I would highly recommend Shah to anybody seeking any expert help in immigration matters. Thank you Shah for helping me so far. I wish you all the very best.


*Important: The testimonials or endorsements on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Each case is different and success in one case does not warrant or guarantee success in other similar cases or situations.

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Green-card Case

Dear Shah,
I just received news from the USCIS that my new card is being produced.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have given me over the last few years. You were friendly, honest, caring and helpful. And in the years to come I will always look back and remember you for your help and sincerity.

Thank you very, very much. May god bless you and yours with great success!
Admiration and Gratitude,


Green-card Case

“Mr. Shah Peerally is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. He and his office helped us through immigration procedure for my father with great diligence and efficiency. They were always available to answer any questions and present solutions for any situations that arose during the process. We will highly recommend him for immigration cases.

Citizenship Case

I worked with Shah on my citizenship case. I was new in the bay area and didn’t know anybody. I heard Shah on the radio and was really impressed with his knowledge about the immigration. He resolved my case within few months and was able to get my citizenship very fast. Shah’s working style and his immediate response makes you feel very comfortable. I felt like I am working with a very close friend of mine. He is very honest and supportive.

He never hesitate to answer any questions and always responded to my calls. His team is also very professional and responsive. Sony kept me informed for all the appointments towards my case. verall I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Shah and his law firm for any immigration issues.

Thank you Shah for helping me and resolving my case.


I-601 Waiver

I came to USA in 2007 with my two kids. My husbands visa was denied, and was told to apply for I-601 Application for Waiver of Ground of Inadmissibility , based on a crime. I didn’t know what to do and where to go for help. I read an advertisement of Mr. Shah in one of the news paper. I contact Mr. Shah and he help me with my husbands wavier case.

Being new in this country and meeting a person (lawyer) like Mr. Shah helped me a lot. Their was hope that my husband will be here soon. The wavier case was very important to me because my family was separated. I thank Mr. Shah, Meera and Sony for being there for us. They were always there to assist me. Whenever we had questions and concerns. We would not have been able to undertake this or deal without his help and presence. I am very happy with the result, specially my children. they are looking forward to meet their father. Thank you Mr. Shah for helping my family and understanding our financial situation. Apart from your outstanding work, you are a very good person.

-Urmila P

Defensive Asylum in Immigration Court

I worked with Attorney for my brother’s political asylum case. He is very great person. He is punctual and polite. He prepares you for your interview very well. He make sure you understand all the legal process and present pertinent documents for your case. He is supportive and will be available anytime you need help.


VAWA Petition

I’m writing here because my lawyer “Shah” made it possible for me to write a review here. I filled VAWA Petition and Adjustment of Status through him in Jan.2009 which is recently approved and I got the Permanent Residence of US, This thing change my Life and my secure my future. I never forget that there was a time I am so hopeless about my future and about my life. I was unlucky a person who came to US to get married here and after getting married all my dreams get shattered just in 5 month period as my husband and his family start abusing me, that’s really a hard time of my whole life, i never forget that, after 5 months hardship I left my husband because its intolerable for me to stay with him. My husband withdraw the papers from immigration because he want me to go back to my own country where its really hard for my parents and family to see me like this and tell my community and relatives that My marriage doesn’t last more then 5 months. I got the denial notice from Immigration because he withdraw the papers for Green Card. I was stuck, and I really need help and insight, at that time I found “Shah Peerally Law group” and you can say “Shah A…” He is really a good lawyer, he is knowledgeable, efficient and dedicated to his work. With my case he guide me how to go all the way till now, Firstly he help me to get Work Authorization in Feb.2009 so that I can work in US till the time I am waiting on my VAWA CASE and approval for Green Card. My lawyer Shah kept me informed about every update for my case and finally my VAWA case is approved around Jan2010 and My Green card get approved in july2010. My lawyer gave me time line about my case nearly 1-2 years and its is approved in 1 year and 6 months. I had new ray of hope now and i can move further in my life. I don’t have words to say thanks to you Shah, you did a great job, I hope you help other people like me who are in dilemma or dealing the situations like i did in the past. KEEP IT UP. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

-Immigration client

Delayed Citizenship/Writ of Mandamus

I went to see Shah because my citizenship was pending for a year. He was welcoming and helpful. It took just a couple months to get it resolved. I was really impressed by Mr. Shah’s service. He responded immediately to inquiries, and did not forget and disregard them. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and colleagues, and use him again in the future… He did all the things required, and did not need reminders from me. I got my case settled and resolved with great easiness. I passed out his flyers in the mosque. My oath date is coming up very soon without any hassles with going to court. I am glad to use him again to file for my fiancée and get the same great service.


Parent Petition

I applied for family based permanent residency on behalf of my mother; I filled out the form by myself without knowing exactly how it should be done. Then, my mother came out to visit me. That was when I wondered about the possibility of her obtaining permanent residency without her actually leaving the US. I, then, searched on the internet and found Mr. Peerally there. He was very nice, friendly, and personable. Do not let his young appearance fool you! He is very competent and reliable. His staff prepared paperwork and mailed it in late June, my mother got her fingerprint done in the middle of August, she received her work authorization card in September, and finally we went through the interview (due to the fact that my mother asked for a change of status after she came to the US), in late October. Of course, she got it. It was such a speedy process. Mr. Peerally and his trustworthy staff members were always there to assist me and my mother whenever we had questions and concerns. We would not have been able to undertake this ordeal without his help and presence. If this was eBay, I would leave such feedback as “A+++++++ best lawyer to do business with! Good communication and fast service and delivery. Very reasonable price. Highly recommended.”


Delayed Citizenship Resolution

“Excellent work Mr. Shah! I had a complex case would be an under statement. I have been trying to resolve my citizenship delay issue since early 2006. I decided on June of 2007 to file a lawsuit on my Citizenship delay case. At first I was reluctant to go with Mr. Shah but he assured me of his commitment to the task of getting me the Citizenship. He diligently worked with Attorney General’s office and USCIS to pursue my case. He was very supportive when I was getting upset and feeling let down when dealings with disappoints related to my case. He always advised me to be patience and always indicated that my case will be resolved soon. I will finally be going to my Oath Ceremony on December, 18th, 2007. I truly appreciate all his efforts.” Sincerely,


Political Asylum for an Eritrean National

I am very happy. The services provided by your office met my needs. The law office staff were respectful, cooperative & knowledgeable. I strongly recommend your office to any one with needs similar to mine & every body who has immigration cases. Keep it as it is. Thank you.


Successful Writ of Mandamus Case

“I was in a desperate situation when I approached Mr. Shah. I had applied for adjustment of status (I-485) through marriage to a US citizen more than a year ago… My case was being bounced around by USCIS from the National Service Center to California several times. USCIS offered me no explanation, in spite of numerous calls to their toll free number. I even visited San Francisco USCIS office multiple times with an InfoPass, and the only think I heard was that my case was wither stuck in a “name-check” or was in the process of being transferred. I had heard Mr. Shah’s name mentioned in a couple of immigration forums and that is when I decided to approach Peerally Law. Mr. Shah Peerally at Peerally law suggested me to petition for a Writ of Mandamus and we did. I got my I-485 interview notice with in two months. Peerally Law ensured that I had one of their attorney’s present during the interview and it was a huge morale boost for us since we were scared that USCIS may retaliate due to the Writ of Mandamus. The USCIS Officer told us that it was “stuck at the National Service Center”. My application was approved by the USCIS and I am waiting for the plastic card. I commend Mr. Shah’s plan of action and execution. I would highly recommend Peerally law.



Shah Peerally is an excellent lawyer, with a great team of people. I have and will recommend Shaw Peerally Law firm, to all my friends and family and who comes my way looking for a Lawyer. He helped me getting my citizenship fast, and also helped my wife case. We are very thankful to Mr Shaw he is a very honest and supporting human being. He is personally involved in all his cases and he never give up and he has a great staff with very positive people. Thank you Mr Shah and your team for helping me and my family, we are very happy with your services. I would highly recommend his law firm to anyone who needs a excellent lawyer for all your needs. Thank you one’s again Mr Shah and keep up the great work for the community.


I-751 & Citizenship

Thank you Shah…. I obtained my citizenship today. I don’t know how to thank you. I still think I am dreaming…. and I am going to wake up … I went to see Shah last year. After having been with another attorney for the past 3 years, I was desperate, my I-751 – conditional residence- was pending and was divorced with my husband. I have to say that I was in a really abusive relationship. My ex husband and his family made my life a nightmare since the day I came to the US. Yet, I tried to be a “good wife” accepting all their abuses. Finally I could not take it anymore. I filed for divorce. At that point I was on conditional residence. My previous attorney, unfortunately filed an incomplete waiver for me to remove this conditional residence. This application as I said was incomplete and they send me a long Request for Evidence. I went to see Shah to ask for a second opinion. He was great, he took my case and told me that he will help me. And he did. He first answered the Request for Evidence, preparing a very good answer and also he told me that I was eligible to file for citizenship. I listened to him so he filed a citizenship for me. Six months later, they called me for an interview on the Citizenship which I passed but because of the pending I-751 did not get the right to take the oath. Then one month later, I was called for an I-751 interview, which I should admit was very tough. After the interview, I was ready to pack my bag and go back home. Shah told me not to worry, I have a good case and he is ready to fight for me. I listened to him. Two weeks later, we received the letter from the USCIS to come and take the Oath on April 10, 2007. I just COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I told Shah that until I get the certificate in my hand I will still not believe it. On April 10th 2007, I took the Oath. I got my certificate and just applied for my passport. Nothing that I can say will ever come close to the amount of gratitude I have for Shah. He is a good person, nice and personally support you all the way. Not only he treats everybody more than a client, he actually give so much of himself. Shah -I owe you so much. Thank you. God Bless you.


Mandamus and Adjustment of Status

Shah is a great lawyer. I have and will recommend him to anyone who comes my way looking for a lawyer. My case was more then complicated, and I am sure that is what everybody thinks about their case. I actually met Shah, through Google when I was looking for a lawyer who would offer a free consultation. He actually read my email and responded to me within 30 minutes and offered me information over the phone and invited for a free in person consultation. He was patient, focused and involved in my situation. Meeting me for the first time, he introduced me to his all of his staff. He took his time to listen to my story from day 1 till I met him. I had a mandamus situation, where my citizenship was pending for almost a year and a half. He not only gave me hope that he will win my case, he also showed me previous examples of Mandamus cases that he done before. After my mandamus, came filing for my husband’s AOS, which was no less complicated. He was all the more confident after my mandamus came in favor. Shah responded to all my emails within hours and was available to talk to me, whenever I needed to be assured. Most of all, I have never met anybody who actually called me when they were not in the country. The day I got my citizenship, and my certificate had errors. I called his office, and expressed my concern to his staff and they told me they will try to have Shah call me, and he actually called me from Malaysia. My family and I were so impressed and thankful. To me and my family, he is a very honest, humble and caring human being, and as a lawyer he is more than qualified, along with being personally involved in all his cases. He is not like many lawyers who listen to you and say yes, take your money and pass your paperwork to their staff. He is involved from beginning to the end. His staff is just great, very friendly and caring.


*Important: The testimonials or endorsements on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Each case is different and success in one case does not warrant or guarantee success in other similar cases or situations.

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