“I would like to recommend the Law Offices of Shah Peerally…I hired them for my mother’s green card processing (California) and got the green card in a little over 5 months, without having to go for an interview….”

Dipti, Fremont California

I would like to recommend the Law Offices of Shah Peerally www.peerallylaw.com/ for the parent(s) green card processing.

I hired them for my mother’s green card processing (California) and got the green card in a little over 5 months, without having to go for an interview. The interview is usually waived if the documentation that is mailed in is precise and complete.

My answer to the (anticipated) question of – Why did you hire an attorney, is the process not simple? … I am aware that a lot of people file for this processing without an attorney and are successful in processing the green card. A couple of my close friends ran into one glitch or the other in the recent times, which took them well over 18 months. Not wanting to risk this and also not having the bandwidth to follow up the paper work, the law changes, I decided to hire an attorney.

I asked for recommendations on this list and another Oracle employee recommended Mr. Peerally. I talked to a few other attorneys as well. I found Mr. Peerally’s fees to be competitive. I found out that some attorneys charge their hourly rate if you want them to go for the interview with you. Mr. Peerally’s fees include the interview appearance and also the mock-interview in his office. To talk with an attorney, some Law Offices asked me to mail in a consultation check ( which ranged from $80 to $250 ). Mr. Peerally was gracious to take my first call, outline the process and answer some of my specific questions. I was impressed with his friendly attitude and the depth of his knowledge and decided to hire him.

During our first meeting in his office, we went over the specifics of the case, the documentation that would be required. He outlined the potential problems that may arise (specifically to do with the name changes in the Marathi community ), he outlined the potential solutions. They gave me a list of doctors for the medical. I mailed this documentation to their office. During the second meeting they had the packet put together and ready to go after our signatures. He had the documentation in there for most of the anticipated problems – which I think made a big difference in the processing time.

The process did run into a hiccup – USCIS could not get legible finger prints for my mother – she did the fingerprinting three times. To get around this, they asked us to submit a criminal clearance. Mr. Peerally guided us very well through the process, which required getting precise documentation from India in addition to the California clearance.

All through the process, Mr. Peerally and his office staff were prompt on the email. They kept me informed about the next step, anticipated time frame and also guided us through the SSN application, State Id, DL applications.

I would recommend this law firm !


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