Thank you Shah…. I obtained my citizenship today. I don't know how to thank you.  I stilll think I am dreaming…. and I am going to wake up …

I went to see Shah last year.  After having been with another attorney for the past 3 years, I was desperate, my I-751 – conditional residence- was pending and was divorced with my husband.  I have to say that I was in a really abusive relationship. My ex husband and his family made my life a nightmare since the day I came to the US. Yet, I tried to be a "good wife" accepting all their abuses.  Finally I could not take it anymore.  I filed for divorce. At that point I was on conditional residence. My previous attorney, unfortunately filed an incomplete waiver for me to remove this conditional residence.  This application as I said was incomplete and they send me a long Request for Evidence.  I went to see Shah to ask for a second opinion.  He was great, he took my case and told me that he will help me. And he did. He first answered the Request for Evidence, preparing a very good answer and also he told me that I was eligible to file for citizenship.  I listened to him so he filed a citizenship for me.

Six months later, they called me for an interview on the Citizenship which I passed but because of the pending I-751 did not get the right to take the oath. Then one month later, I was called for an I-751 interview, which I should admit was very tough.  After the interview, I was ready to pack my bag and go back home.  Shah told me not to worry, I have a good case and he is ready to fight for me.  I listened to him. Two weeks later, we received the letter from the USCIS to come and take the Oath on April 10, 2007.  I just COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I told Shah that until I get the certificate in my hand I will still not believe it.  On April 10th 2007, I took the Oath.  I got my certificate and just applied for my passport.

Nothing that I can say will ever come close to the amount of gratitude I have for Shah.  He is a good person, nice and personally support you all the way. Not only he treats everybody more than a client,  he actually give so much of himself.  Shah -I owe you so much.

Thank you.

God Bless you.


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