July 5, 2015 – On July 5, 2010 KLOK 1170 AM started airing a unique law show hosted by the prominent attorney Shah Peerally.  The law show, known as the Shah Peerally Law Show or Attorney On Air, has since then grown in audience and has been praised as one of the most “helpful and interesting show on Desi 1170 AM”. Aired regularly on Monday 12p to 1pm and Thursday 10am to 11am, the program has actually  assisted thousands of listeners understand some very complex immigration questions. In addition, the shows have been instrumental in advocating and protecting immigrants’ rights such as the Tri Valley University (TVU) students who were victims of an unfair treatment by the school and “abuses” by the authorities.  The laklok1170w shows were one of their first ways of guidance and actually advocated for their protection.  In fact it did make a difference, prompting higher interventions and oversight on the treatment of the victimized students. Just soon after the TVU saga, Shah Peerally  took an interest in the issues related to the H4 Visa holders, advocating for a work permit on their behalf. The law program again became a major tool advocating and defending the rights of the oppressed H4 visa holders. Ultimately the law was changed in 2015 allowing a work permit for some of the  H4 visa individuals.  Recently the law show has been encouraging the government to reduce the waiting time on the EB2 and EB3 waiting time for Indian Nationals.

Today the Shah Peerally Law Show is still being praised for its unique quality of information. Moreover, the immigration radio program is also being heard nationwide through the internet live streaming.

This is what  Shah Peerally had to say on the celebration of 5 years of existence: “We thank all our faithful listeners and KLOK 1170 AM for this accomplishment. We hope to continue serving the communities with these free weekly shows and encourage our listeners to share the news to all their friends and acquaintances“.