By: Shah Peerally Esq.

Those of you, who are moving into the United States and in need of a visa, either for yourself or for a family member, you should seriously consider hiring an H1B visa attorney who has the experience in handling immigration related affairs. This will not only help you understand the system but also make the whole process streamlined and simple for you, especially if you have no idea of the intricacies of the processing of the H1B visa.

The legal process that goes into making you a permanent resident of the United States can be complex and time taking, which is taking on a lot of additional stress, especially for someone new to the land and its system of working. Under the circumstances, hiring an H1B visa lawyer, gives you confidence that you will be able to tackle the process and that it is being done on your behalf by experts who know their job. Speed is all important too, as far as handling your visa process goes and a good H1B visa attorney can make sure that you have the required document in time so that your application is not delayed and lacking in any important document that might be necessary during the period of processing.

Shah Peerally, Esq.

Shah Peerally, Esq.

But before you go about hiring a H1B visa attorney, you should also know what to expect from them. Let’s take a look at what a good H1B attorney should be able to do for you:

– Make you understand the process of H1B Visa
– Understand your situation, hear you out before offering solutions
– Offer solutions that are personalized and cater to your case
– As a next step, you H1B attorney should be able to give you clear options and tell you of the potential scenario that surrounds your case, in order to prepare you.
– Make you aware of what documentation will be required and assist you in gathering the same.
– A good H1B attorney will help you prepare and submit all the forms and documents related to USCIS and Department of Labor.
They will communicate on your behalf with the DOL and USCIS.

– Keeping you updated with the H1B processing, trends difficulties and time taken for competition.
– Monitor your H1B visa application processing so that in case of trouble you may be forewarned.

But before you go about the process of hiring an H1B visa attorney, make sure that you do a bit of your own research, which will help you in the long run. In such matters, consider the amount of experience that the H1B visa attorney has had in handling various types of visas over the years. The amount of time an attorney can devote to you should also be very important. You might also want to ask friends or those who have been in similar situation such as yours for advice on a good H1B visa attorney.

In this regard, special mention should be made of the Shah Peerally Law firm which has over the years, successfully handled hundreds of H-1B visa petitions for many specialty occupation workers, many of whom are placed at Fortune 500 companies too. H1B visa attorney USA, Shah Peerally specifies in providing US visa services to clients all of the States. The firm tries to understand why the client wants an H1B Visa and what his/her options are and finally suggests the methods that will be taken to achieve that. The successful outcome of procuring an H1B Visa has a profound impact not only on the individual, but the company which is hiring the professional too.

A good H1B visa attorney prepares the letters and forms necessary to obtain the H1B visa for their client communicates with the client and his/her employer throughout the process.
It is necessary therefore that you have a talk with your prospective H1B Visa attorney before hiring him/her. This could be the deciding point in whether or not you will be comfortable with the attorney or not and whether they are capable of handling your case. You could present the facts about your case and ask the attorney about the plan he would suggest for you.

The Shah Peerally Law firm offers not only experience but also commitment in processing your H1B Visa quickly and successfully too. Besides the communication they offer, their experienced attorneys will ably be able to guide you through the process. You can email them at [email protected] OR even call them up for advice at- (510) 742-5887 for consultation.