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Recent Articles & Updates

  1. A Close Examination of Tactics to Mitigate Abuse in Immigrant Detention Facilities
  2. Immigration Detention Under Biden: What’s Really Changed?
  3. Immigration Detention: Consequences and its Current State
  4. The Broken Asylum System
  5. Immigration Detention in America: Origins and History
  6. Family Separation at the Border: History and its Current State
  7. For some applicants, the USCIS has increased the automatic extension period of work permits.
  8. USCIS Implements Risk-Based Approach for Conditional Permanent Resident Interviews
  9. USCIS Encourages Eligible Individuals to Apply for Adjustment of Status in the EB-2 Category by the April Visa Bulletin Filing Deadline in India.
  10. Afghanistan is granted Temporary Protected Status by Secretary Mayorkas.
  11. DHS Withdraws H-1B Selection Final Rule
  12. Nearly 50,000 immigrants will be exempt from having to go through an interview, according to the State Department.
  13. Covid Testing Requirements for Travelers to be Tightened by the Biden Administration
  14. Breaking news: H4 EAD pending will be allowed to work and L2 no longer requires an EAD to work
  15. COVID-19 Vaccination Required for Immigration Medical Examinations
  16. USCIS Extends Flexibility for Responding to Agency Requests
  17. USCIS Removes Barriers to U.S. Citizenship for Children Born Abroad Through Assisted Reproductive Technology
  18. Immigration Help Available to Those Affected by Natural Disasters and Other Unforeseen Circumstances
  19. Applicants for Change of Status to F-1 Student No Longer Need to Submit Subsequent Applications to ‘Bridge the Gap’
  20. USCIS Issues Policy Guidance on Deference to Previous Decisions
  21. Proposed Immigration bill – “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.”
  22. Examining the W Visa (Not Yet Law)!
  23. The Role of the National Visa Center (NVC) in US Immigration.
  24. 10 Important Facts about the K3 visa process.
  25. A K1Visa- why is it useful and how?
  26. AC 21 – Questions and Answers on Same or Similar Position
  27. Early Preparation for an H1B visa – February 2013
  28. The H1B Transfer
  29. Obama’s speech on Immigration Reform – January 2013
  30. Applying for an H1B visa in the United States
  31. Summary of the Proposed Immigration Innovation Act 2013.
  32. The National Interest Waiver – No Employer required!
  33. 5 Reasons You Should Prepare Your H1B Visa Case Early.
  34. Four Ways to deal with your EB2 visa if you are from India.
  35. The Naturalization Process – How Can a Immigration Lawyer help you?
  36. Asylum or Refugee Process – What you should know?
  37. I-9 & E-verify and compliance
  38. H1B Visas and Possible Lift in the Caps – Immigration Innovation Act 2013
  39. I-601 Waiver – Problems & Solutions.
  40. 7 Reasons you should not rely on non-lawyer immigration law forums.
  41. 7 Things you should know about H1B visas.
  42. Hiring the Right H1B Attorney for your case.
  43. Tips on PERM Labor Certifications
  44. Learn and Know about the H1B visa.
  45. Simple H1B visa checklist (documents required)
  46. VAWA Abused Spouses & Children Q & A
  47. How do I adjust status if I am out of status – INA 245(i)
  48. Motion to Reopen (MTR)
  49. Radio Show Archives
  50. 7 Things to consider before filing your Citizenship/Naturalization (N400) application.Read Our Previous Articles Here


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