This is an announcement from a group of volunteers from UNNJ regarding all those affected by the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ) tragic situation.

We are UNNJ student volunteer group founded by 15 former UNNJ students. In the past 2 months, we were actively seeking opportunities of a class action to fight against the fraud charge and regain our lawful status. Up to this moment, we have made significant progress. The legend of American Immigration Law, Mr. Ira Kurzban, who is a past-national President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has litigated over 50 federal cases concerning the rights of aliens is willing to take our case and fight for our rights. At meantime, we have already gathered 100+ students to participate in Class Action.

This is just a start, we need you, our fellow schoolmates. What happened to us is a tragedy but the class action can overturn the unproven accusation and provide us a brighter future. Please join us and make our voice louder. As foreigners, we are easily be ignored and mistreated. However with the help of Mr. Kurzban, we’re confident to say that we will take justice back.

To contact us, please reach out to Mr. Shah Peerally’s office at (510) 742-5887 or the volunteer group at [email protected] as we both are liaisons of Mr. Kurzban.