May 30 2016 – Is NPU (NorthWestern Polytechnic University) next in the list of investigated Universities?

An article on Buzzfeed on May 26 2016 describes NPU as “A college on the edge of Silicon Valley has turned itself into an upmarket visa mill, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found, deploying a system of fake grades and enabling thousands of foreign students to enter the United States each year — while generating millions of dollars in tuition revenue for the school and the family who controls it.”

The issue at hand is not whether NPU is actually in trouble but how are the students going to be affected? This year (2016) we have seen a crackdown on the foreign students, we will not be surprised that the students are affected in the next few months. In November 2015 many of the F1 students were actually stopped at the airport. Now that many of the issues related to student visas are coming to light, we recommend that the students to be cautious. At this point the only recommendation we can make are related to knowing your rights as a foreign student. This video covers the topic.

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