Several of our clients come to consult us after their respective representatives were unable to help them. Below are only few cases where we have been successful. We have hundreds more of great results:

00. Client Aicha came to see us in a complicated family based petition. Aicha consulted five different attorneys who advised her either to leave the country or to file for asylum as her only two choices. We took Aicha case and within 8 months, Aicha was able to get a work permit and will soon be getting her permanent residence card.

01. Client Lara came to see us regarding a labor certification. We prepared the PERM case and after the prescribed advertising time, we filed for the PERM Labor Certification. Within two days, Lara’s case was approved. Because of the jump in priority dates, client Lara and her husband are both eligible for a greencard.

02. Client H, has desperately been waiting on an RIR Labor Certification for 3 years. We advised client H to file for PERM because he has an immediate visa available for him under EB2 category. We filed client’s H PERM and within 10 days, the PERM was approved. Client H and his family received their LPR cards approximately 2 months later.

03. Danielle came to see us on an I-751 (Removal of conditinal residence through waiver) case pending for many years. She spent a lot of money with many attorneys who just would not help her or did not know how to help her. Danielle’s case was denied several times. We took the case in August 2006. We were able to obtain a temporary I-551 stamp on Danielle case and on around February 2007, we obtained an approval on the removal of conditional residence. Please read her testimony.

04. Client Amir came to our office after his citizenship oath date was delayed. Amir passed the English and History test yet was delayed because of Security Check for almost a year. Amir was desperate because his wife was depenfdant on him to obtain status. We filed a Writ of Mandamus and a Civil Action under USC 1447(b). Three months later, Amir received an oath date and on June 2007, Amir became a US citizen.

05. Efua came to see us desperate in an abusive relationship. Her US citizen husband was dating someone else while married to her. He also removed the I-130 petition filed on Efua’s behalf. Our office filed a VAWA petition for Efua, this petition was approved and now Efua is getting ready for her adjustment of status.

06. Client T came to our office on a difficult citizenship situation involving internment in a mental hospital. After 8 months of hard work from our office and from client T, T obtained her citizenship in June 2007

07. Client M came to see us in a complicated citizenship situation where his citizenship was denied because of a past domestic violence case. We refiled the case and after five months, we won his citizenship.

08. Client S.A. came to see us after her citizenship has been pending for two years. We filed a USC 1447(b) lawsuit for her in federal court. Two months later the government agreed to grant her citizenship.

09. Client D.D family petitions were denied for failure to answer two RFEs(Request for Evidence). After 2 years we filed a special motion to reoppen. The motion was granted, RFE was answered and the case was granted.

10. Client had his citizenship interview two years ago, his case has been pending forbackground check. We filed a USC 1447(b) case, two and half month later the government granted the citizenship.

11. Client Atiff had his citizenship interview more than 3 years ago. His case has been pending for background check. After filing a USC 1447(b) – in federal court, the goverment settled after 3 months granting the citizenship.

12. Syeda, has been waiting for her citizenship for the past 3 years. We filed a USC 1447(b) and one month later, the government agreed to adjudicate the case and granted her citizenship.

13. Client Stephane came to see our office with apotential to stay andwork inthe US. He was told his case would be a difficult one. We obtained an H1B visa through his employer. Stephaneis now happily working in the US. Read his testimony.

For the purpose of confidentiality the real name of the applicants at hand has been withheld and replaced by other names.

14. Alex came to the US after a very long and dangerous journey through the Mexico Boarder. He was working with the Eritrean banks when he was suddenly and arbitrarily detained and, finally, subjected to torture due to his Pentecostal religion and his participation in the activities of his Rhema Church. He entered the US on the 26th of January 2007 and was granted asylum in April 2008 with the assistance of our office.

15. Zedagem belongs to Mulue Wengel Church, one of the Pentecostal Churches in Eritrea. However, he was persecuted by the Government of Eritrea just because he happened to be a Pentecostal Christian. He fled from his country when his detention and eventually severe torture and persecution became imminent and unavoidable. Zedagem’s application for asylum in the US was culminated with the approval of the same last month.

16. Yodit fled from her country Eritrea after a long ordeal and torture which was initially caused by the detention of her husband. Her husband had also fled but unable to make it to a third safe country. Yodit made a very dangerous and long tip to the USA hoping to get the freedom and liberty she had ever wished and be able to find a way of uniting with her husband and son. She approached our office in July 2008 and sought to apply for asylum with our assistance. Her case was approved in September 2008.

17. Staff member came to the USA for the medical treatment of his sick child. He had however been arrested and tortured in Israel because of his Palestine nationality. He contacted our office by the end of May 2008 and sought to get our legal assistance. His application for asylum finally got approval in September 2008.

18. Yohannes had was a temporary resident of Soudi Arabia when he was accused of financing and helping his brother to escape from the hands of his government and cross boarder to the neighboring Ethiopia up on his return to visit his family in Eritrea. He was accused of supporting opposition groups. Consequently, he was arbitrarily detained and subjected to torture and very harsh treatment. As he was on an employment visa in Saudi Arabia he had always been at risk of being returned or deported to Eritrea. He decided to seek asylum after he came to the US. The process was initiated after he contacted our office in August 2008. He was granted asylum in October 2008.

19. Filmon was still a student when he was subjected to detention and torture for protesting against a refusal of a leave to attend his graduation in Sawa. He finally escaped from detention and made it to Sudan and, eventually to the USA after a very long and dangerous journey. His application for asylum was granted in October 2008.

20. Yodit is a Pentecostal Eritrean who had been persecuted by her government a number of times. She finally escaped and made it to the neighboring Sudan after realizing that she was about to be persecuted. She approached our office in July 2008. Her application was approved in October 2008.

Important: The testimonials or endorsements on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Each case is different and success in one case does not warrant or guarantee success in other similar cases or situations.