The immigration process is daunting and sometimes stressful. The waiting time on cases can really be unbearable and as such many applicants, beneficiaries or even petitioners are eager to know the status of their cases.  There are many tools available to inquire about your status or what is actually happening on the cases.  Below are few ideas how you should proceed.

Check the Status Online

The USCIS offers a very interesting tool when it comes to checking status on your case. In order to check the status on your need to enter the receipt number on your I-797 form. The number will start with something like WAC, SRC, EAC, etc.  Some tips to checking your status.

  • Please make sure you enter the right number because the name will not appear on the case.
  • Do not rely 100% on the information provided because USCIS often does not update the information on time or at all.
  • Do not panic just because the information states “we have stopped processing your case because…”
  • You can sign up to get updates from USCIS, feel free to sign up.
  • If you do not understand or are confused with the information you can call USCIS on the 1-800-375-5283. Note that if you have an attorney, we recommend you have the attorney call so that you do not give wrong information to the immigration officers.

Do a Freedom of Information Act Request

In some cases, you will not be able to know what exactly is happening or has happened on the case.  You can file for the form G-639 for a FOIA request. Note that recently due to increasing pressure from the public, the USCIS has launched an App to apply for FOIA request.  If you do not know how to proceed, please call your attorney. You can call us at 510 742 5887 for help.

Have an attorney review your file in case you do not understand

Experienced lawyers who have practiced immigration law for some number of years can actually depict very difficult issues on cases.  It is recommended that you contact a good lawyer to help. Our law firm has helped hundreds with their immigration cases, we will be more than glad to assist.