After a clarification from DHS that placement companies also known as consulting companies can actually place students on 24 Months STEM OPT, there is still the question on who or which organization is allowed to sign on form I-983 to obtain the form I-20 OPT and ultimately get a work authorization.

This article from the website of “Study in the States” partly clarifies who can actually sign on the form I-983 in such cases.  The DHS is mentioning who should sign he form I-983  when candidates are placed at a third party organization. The two main requirements seem to be:

1. The form I-983 should be signed by the third party employer also known as the “end client”; and

2. Each time the student on STEM OPT changes employment or the end client, a new I-983 needs to be submitted to the Designated School Official (DSO).

While many welcome this clarification, there is still an issue of having the form signed by the end client. The other question remains whether  the consulting company can still be the employer of the student? The answer seems to be yes but the responsibility of the training (form I-983) will now fall unto the end client.

The  video  above quickly analyzes how it is done, but the bigger practical question remains whether the third party or end client will be willing to sign on the form I-983. This is going to be the next challenge for the students!

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