By: Shah Peerally Esq.

Family Petition endless wait with a happy ending.

Brief Facts of Case: Client I.K came to see us after his father filed for him and his family on a relative petition Form I-130 in around 1998. Client I.K, his spouse and children all entered the United States on a B1/B2 visa and overstayed. The petition for relative petition was approved but the States Visa Bulletin dates were not current and as such the family had to wait to obtain their permanent residence. In this case the family could benefit from INA 245(i) (Life Act), implying that none of them have to leave the country and could adjust status right here in the United States. After a waiting time of around 12 years, the dates became current and Client I.K went to see an attorney. The attorney took the legal fees and the filing fees on the case. After six months, client I.K found out, no case was filed for him and his family but that the attorney had disappeared. It was devastating for them, since they had borrowed this money. Eventually client came to see us although, he had lost hope in ‘attorneys’. After talking to us, he finally hired our law firm.

Our Approach: We went ahead filed the adjustment of status based with the penalties based on unlawful presence of an alien who benefited from INA 245(i). There was an interview schedule in the case. Attorney Shah Peerally personally prepared and attended the interview with the entire family.

Results: Eventually in 2011, client I.K and his family all obtained permanent residence.

Our Exprience: It is important to make sure that the attorney you are hiring has a good name. Our law firm has been practicing immigration law for years now and we are rated among the best law firm in California. We know how to handle such cases.

Another Great Victory on a K1 visa and Marriage Petition.

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