Brief Facts of the Case:  A client with a pending O-1 case came to us overwhelmed due to a long, complicated request for further evidence from USCIS.  The RFE was several pages long, requesting more information fulfill the criterion of O-1 Visa, Alien of Extraordinary Ability, in particular to show that the awards he had received were of “international acclaim,” that he had made original contributions, and that he was widely and internationally published.

Our Approach: We devoted countless hours of research and preparation to show that he does indeed possess extraordinary ability.  We researched the background of the awards he had received, and gathered official information regarding how these awards were chosen and judged.  In addition, we researched all of the background information and circulation regarding each of his publications, sending inquiries where needed, to demonstrate that he is widely and internationally published. We crafted a detailed cover letter highlighting the most important aspects of each exhibit that we submitted on his behalf.

Results: His 0-1 was readily approved and he was granted his status.

Experience: This case is a good demonstration of the need to be extremely detail-oriented when answering a request for further evidence.  Answering each request in extensive detail, and having a cover letter that properly covers and analyzes the evidence for the reviewing officer is extremely important and makes it easy for the reviewer to do his job and approve your application.