The PERM labor certification is one of the requirements to file an I-140 petition in the EB2 and EB3 categories. The process is daunting and requires a preliminary assessment of the qualifications of the candidate before moving forward on the case. While each case is different, the Department of Labor (DOL) may view job requirements that are closely tailored to a specific candidate’s qualifications with suspicion. On the other hand, companies have to be descriptive enough in listing job requirements to meet their needs. Once the PERM labor certification application is filed, there is no amendment permissible. Simple mistakes can cost both the company and the potential candidate an approval. As such, having a lawyer who has proven himself or herself in filing hundreds of such cases is extraordinarily valuable.

At the Shah Peerally Law Group PC, we have successfully filed hundreds of PERM labor certifications leading to EB2 and EB3 petition approvals. Our attorneys meticulously prepare such cases in so that any audits are avoided. Audits can delay and actually result in denials, and a proactive, detail-oriented approach to prevent them is critical. For more information please contact us at: 510 7425887