Wondering what TN visa is? Look no further!

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) declared a special economic and trade relationships for the United States (US), Canada, and Mexico whereby the nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional visa allows both citizens of Canada and Mexico to work in the US in increments of up to three years.

Why TN visa?

Compared to other visas, there is not much paperwork and can be obtained directly at the border. Please note that of visa is denied at entry point, this can affect future visits to the US. Additionally, spouse and minor children can accompany the applicant to live in the US holding a Trade Dependent (TD) status which is valid for the duration of the TN visa but unfortunately the spouse will have to apply for his/her own TN visa if the latter wishes to work as well.


The TN visa is the fastest and easiest way for Mexicans and Canadians to acquire a visa and as mentioned above it can be acquired at the border which implies that there is no long wait for immigration status. It can be renewed indefinitely compared to other visas but since it is considered a temporary visa, there should be proof of intention to leave after visa has been expired.


The main problem that applicants usually face is that since the TN visa is considered temporary, it is difficult to apply for a Green Card. The TN visa holder will have to switch to another type of visa before applying.


A job offer from a US company is needed to be able to qualify for the TN visa for a profession that is listed in the NAFTA occupation list. Moreover, degrees and experience is required for different employment. A legal counsellor can help provide all the necessary details for a specific job of your choice.


Required documents are as follows:

  • Job offer proof such as letter from prospective US employer
  • Copy of passport
  • Driving License copy
  • Birth Certificate copy
  • Copy of degrees that are required for that particular job
  • Proof of experience in that sector such as employment records

Why choose us?

While applying for a TN is much easier, it can still be tough for some applicants to be granted access specially if paperwork is not correctly done and their case is too weak. According to your specific job offer, our firm will determine the exact documents needed to maximize your chance of entering the US. To assure smooth sailing of the procedure while also meeting all legal elements, let one of our qualified lawyers consult and advise you.