Preparation for H1B Visa now
By: Shah Peerally Esq.

Because of the limited cap around the H1B Visa, there’s always a rush for the application of what is one of the most popular visas for foreign national to be able to work in the United States. Even as we speak, we are just a couple of months away from the submission date of H1B Visa 2014 season. For those of you who want to come to the United States for work, this is an opportunity you should not waste and you must begin your preparations right NOW!

As some of you might know the H1B Visa is a means by highly skilled foreign nationals, both students and professionals, who come to the United States through a sponsorship of a US company. Anyone familiar with the US immigration process will know that it involves a great deal of preparation in terms of paper work, correct documents that are to be presented and above all getting it all together so that when the dates open for the for H1B Visa for 2014, you are absolutely prepared. So let’s see what you need to understand in your preparation for the H1B Visa 2014:

– Your preparation for applying for an H1B visa begins with understanding of the process and how it is done. For this you might need to read up a bit on your own.
– You will at this stage need to search for and collect information on companies in your line of work that are likely to sponsor an H1B Visa for you. Once you have prepared such a list you need to start approaching them and talk to each company personally.
– Once you have a ready list of the probable companies that could be a sponsor for your H1B Visa. As a next step, you need to go into details like LCAs filed, Denials, and Approvals, and why they may affect your petition, etc.
This is a stage in you preparation for applying for an H1B visa where you collect all the necessary documents that are required to file the H1B Visa petition. This also needs some consultation from an immigration lawyer, who will be able to guide you well here.
– As a part of your preparation for applying for an H1B visa you need to ask the companies to send you the final offer letter and agree to file on your behalf the H1B visa. You need to make sure that you negotiate well with the employers for the right kind of benefits.

You will need to get ready documents like- letters of experience, the letter of sponsorship, copies of passport, copies of your degree/diploma, etc and have them in the order that are asked for by the USCIS. You need to be careful about what documents you give to the company, don’t make the mistake of sending the originals to them.
Your immigration lawyer will be a big help to you at this juncture in your preparation for applying for an H1B visa, they will guide you and your employer step by step and make sure that you have filed all the necessary documents to the LCA, and on time.

Once all this is done, you can actually breathe in peace and just do a follow up, once in a while. At this stage your prospective employer should make sure that the H1B petition is delivered exactly on time, because any kind of delay would mean a wait for another year. Because filing the petition is important and cannot be handled callously, the preparation for applying for an H1B visa would greatly benefit if you involve an immigration lawyer. In this regard, the experienced lawyers from the Shah Peerally Law Group, could help you. You can email them at [email protected] or call 510-742-5887.

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