The Immigration how to guide is a simplified guide which is intended to quickly guide the readers about certain immigration matters. This guide is not intended to substitute for legal advice but to simply increase the understanding of “how” some of the US immigration system works. Immigration law is so complicated that many of concepts and procedures are hard to grasp. The ‘how to series’ by thehowtoguide Shah Peerally Law Group PC intends to explain the process in the simplest way as possible. It is no way a comprehensive guide and gives all the details of how to file cases but is meant to be a simple quick reference. It actually tries to give basic guidance to the people about most common immigration issues. We hope you will find it helpful and dedicated. Our knowledge and experience of immigration law have shown that the simpler a situation is explained, the higher the chances they will get an approval. If you need more help on a case, please call our office at (510) 742 5887.

Therefore, the Shah Peerally Law Group PC proudly presents the “The Immigration How to Series”!

Table of Contents

A. Family Based Immigration!

B. Employment Based Immigration

C. Refugee, Asylum and Abusive situations

D. Immigration Court.

E. Other Non Immigrant Visas

F. Citizenship and Naturalization?

G. Other Immigration matters

H.  Study in the United States

I. Immigration Law Education Programs.