This page covers the updated issues of the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ). As you all know UNNJ was a sting operation set up by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to “trap” brokers who were setting “pay to stay” student F1 visas. Such visas are illegal. However, in the course of doing so, many ‘innocent minds’ students were entangled in a web of termination of SEVIS, F1 visas status terminated,  placed in removal proceedings (deportation) and some were placed in detention.  While the government succeeded in catching the culprits involved in the visa scheme, they have also put the lives of many students in jeopardy. Many of the students were just victims of the system and a sting operation.  Our law group has decided to look at the other side of the story of the government and has started to guide the students what are their legal rights. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter and also our youtube channel for further updates. If you want a personal consultation, please call us at (510) 742 5887

See press release from ICE website


In the News:

Students facing deportation decry feds’ fake college sting

NJ.comMay 4, 2016
… said Shah Peerally, an immigration attorney in California. Those individuals cannot leave the country without an immigration judge’s approval …
Story image for shah peerally from India West

300 Indian Students Trapped in ICE Sham University Face Deportation

India WestApr 14, 2016
“ICE has entrapped these students and is now punishing them,” San Francisco immigration attorney Shah Peerally told India-West. “These …


搜狐May 12, 2016
据加州移民律师Shah Peerally称,由于不少学生对于学校是“空壳学校”并不知情,在致电学校时也被扮作校方的执法人员告知是合法学校,因此也许 …

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