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San Francisco – March 28th  2015 – The Shah Peerally Law Group PC (SPLG), a well- known law firm in the Bay Area, announces that it is now opening its second office in San Francisco.  After years of popular demand, SPLG has finally decided to make the big jump and make its presence in San Francisco.  SPLG, founded by prominent attorney Shah Peerally, has served the immigrant community in immigration law and other related needs for more than 10 years. The new San Francisco location opened on February 20, 2015 on the corner of 22st and Mission Street in the great city of San Francisco. 

Over the years SPLG headed by Shah Peerally has been recognized internationally as a law firm which combines business and family needs with compassion and dedication. The founder, Shah Peerally, has been selected among Northern California’s Top Young Outstanding Lawyers by the San Francisco Magazines for 2013 and 2014, and a Rising Star lawyer on in 2013 and 2014.  For four consecutive years, Mr. Peerally has carried a superb lawyer badge on of 10/10. In addition, the law firm has been serving a number of small and mid-sized companies, which have placed their employees in the Fortune 500 companies.

Since January 2010, Shah Peerally has been well-known for bi-weekly radio shows on KLOK 1170 am. The shows cover topics such as H1Bs, PERM labor certifications, E visas, L visas, adjustment of status, family petitions and other immigration issues.  On the Shah Peerally Law Show, every Monday and Thursday listeners are allowed to call-in live and have their questions answered during the show. The work of Shah Peerally at the Shah Peerally Law Group PC has been acclaimed by Congress members Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee.  Shah Peerally’s articles, quotes, and interviews regarding his work and  his law firm have appeared on CNN, NPR, NDTV, Times Now, San Jose Mercury News and other well known publications and networks.

The SPLG San Francisco office under the personal supervision of attorney Shah Peerally, will be managed by law clerk and senior paralegal, Mr. Samy Baaghil. Mr. Baaghil, formerly a Board of Immigration Certified and accredited to represent immigrants at the USCIS (formerly INS), has helped hundreds with their immigration and naturalization process. For over 20 years, Mr. Baaghil has worked diligently to assist immigrants in their struggles throughout the immigration process. Moreover, Samy has been awarded numerous recognitions based on his work for the minority communities. A recipient of The Phillip Burton Immigration & Civil Rights Award, Mr. Baaghil was honored for his immigration assistance to low-income and minority communities. Mr. Baaghil is fluent in several languages, including Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Tigrinya and conversant in French and Amharic.

With the addition of the San Francisco office, Shah Peerally Law Group PC wants to continue to bring the best of service to our communities. This new location is a logical progression after 10 years of excellent practice.  The Shah Peerally Law Group PC has been recognized not only for its high quality work, but also for its civil rights work.  The same kind of dedication combined with strong compassion is now available to assist people in the San Francisco area. With this new endeavor, SPLG is excited to begin providing exceptional service to the San Francisco community.

For more information, call (415) 643-4342 or email and visit

Civil Penalties Related to Failure to Comply with Voluntary Departure Does not extend to U-1 non-immigrant victims

USCIS in a Memo adopts the decision of the court in the Matter of L-S-M. While the failure to voluntary depart might still apply to some VAWA cases, the court has made clear it does not apply to U Visa Holders. 2016-0513_Matter_of_L-S-M-_Adopted_Decision_2016-03_ clarifies that the exception to the civil penalties for failure to comply with…

Prosecutorial Discretion for UNNJ students

The Prosecutorial Discretion is very helpful in cases where an NTA is filed. For many students who do not want to stay or file for some other sorts of relief(s) when the case is not proceeding to court. Many UNNJ stakeholders might actually want to use this in their cases.

Immigration Relief for Those Affected by Severe Earthquakes

USCIS offers immigration relief measures for people affected by natural disasters, such as the severe earthquakes that recently occurred in Ecuador, Japan and Burma. These measures may be available upon request: * Change or extension of nonimmigrant status if you are currently in the United States, even if the request is filed after your authorized…

Guide to Law Enforcement on U and T Visas

The U visa is actually an important visa for many, as such the Department of Homeland Security has created a guide for law enforcement on U visas. We have essentially attached the guide to our series on U visas. U and T Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides this…

Voluntary Departure as an Option for UNNJ cases.

April 12 2016 – The UNNJ cases have brought back some really interesting concepts or reliefs which most people in the community has not experienced for a long time. One of them is the Voluntary Departure (VD).  VD might actually be an option once the Notice To Appear (NTA) has been issued and the individual…

Willful Misrepresentation or Fraud in providing Documents to apply for H1B, or OPT.

April 8 2016 – Some of the students of the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ) who applied for an OPT or an H1B visa, have been receiving a number of requests for evidence (RFEs) based on their physical and actual attendance of UNNJ classes including but not limited to transcripts, parking space receipts, attendance…

Shah Peerally Law Group calling on Congress to increase the Visa Cap for Victims of Crimes known as the U visa Cap.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Newark CA April 5th 2016 – The Shah Peerally Law Group Pc, an immigration law firm in California, calls on Congress and President Obama to increase the U visa cap from 10,000 to 30,000. The law firm which had previously, with great success, championed for the H4 work permit and TPS for…

Court Success Story from our San Francisco Office – Congratulations to attorney Oliver Foland.

Seemingly Hopeless Removal Case Ends with Client at Home with Family Brief Facts: The client, a young man with a troubled background was put into removal proceedings after his second criminal conviction. Though at first it seemed as though the case could easily be resolved through a U visa, an extraordinarily generous visa in terms…

Liquidated Damage Clauses – H1B Employee Contracts

Liquidated Damage Clauses – H1B Employee Contracts What is a Liquidated Damages Clause Many (if not most) contracts, including those between an employee and their employer, contain a liquidated damages clause. Such a clause stipulates what the penalty will be in the event that a party breaches the contract. Because, however, breach of contract is…


The annual Diversity Visa Lottery (DV lottery), otherwise known as the Green Card Lottery, is out! The DV lottery is a US government program through the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State that makes 55,000 Permanent Resident cards available every year to persons from “low admission regions” or “underrepresented countries,” those that…


Marriage is a fundamental and globally celebrated institution. Indeed, the United States Supreme Court has held marriage to be a fundamental right, and afforded great deference. As such, a foreign national spouse of a United States citizen may file for permanent resident status in the United States, to be processed immediately. Bona Fide Marriage Obtaining…


VAWA – the “Violence Against Women Act” – is a very powerful piece of legislation that has been successful in protecting abused spouses and children. Although it is called the “Violence Against Women Act” it applies to all spouses, including abused men, and children. It can be a path to getting out of the abusive…

Employment Based Immigration Options for South American Individuals and Corporations.

There are a lot of talks in the news on immigration for South Americans and Hispanics. Most of these talks are related to undocumented individuals or family and related immigration.  However, many people ignore the options that are opened for qualified legal immigrants.  Such options  are also available to many of the hispanics and South…

Humanitarian Parole Available for Temporary Emergency Entry into the U.S.

Humanitarian Parole: Humanitarian parole is an emergency measure, used only in extraordinary circumstances to allow someone who otherwise would not be admissible to the United States to enter the U.S. due to urgent circumstances or a compelling emergency. The measure grants temporary admission for the duration of the emergency. USCIS may grant the humanitarian parole…

Waivers Are Now Available to Cure Unlawful Presence and Obtain a Green Card

I-601A- Waiver of Unlawful Presence Many immigrants who wish to apply for a green card, but who came to the country without inspection (or a visa), will be found inadmissible due to their unlawful presence (that is, entering the U.S. without inspection).  The provisional unlawful presence waiver process, however, allows immediate relatives of U.S. citizens…

Oliver Foland

Oliver Foland is an associate attorney with the Shah Peerally Law Group. Before attending Golden Gate University School of Law, Oliver studied philosophy at Humboldt State University and later obtained a Master´s degree in the field from Claremont Graduate University. Oliver has dedicated his entire legal career to helping others with their struggle …Continue reading


Shah Peerally, Esq.

Shah PeerallyShah Peerally is the founder, President, and Managing Attorney of the Shah Peerally Law Group P.C. (Newark, California) and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association as well as the State Bar of California. He is a passionate advocate of Human Rights, Civil Rights, social action, and social services, and he has a strong interest in (and knowledge of) the political/legal system in the U.S. …Continue reading


Samy Baaghil

Mr. Baaghil, formerly a Board of Immigration Certified and accredited to represent immigrants at the USCIS (formerly INS), has helped hundreds with their immigration and naturalization process. For over 20 years, Mr. Baaghil has worked diligently to assist immigrants in their struggles throughout the immigration process. …Continue reading